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Veteran serving Veterans

Paxton Homes was established in 2019 by Army Veteran Jacob Paxton. Mr. Paxton has been helping veterans and active duty service members buy and build their dream homes since retiring from his military service in 2010. 

"When I left my military service, I began to notice a dire need for service members who were transitioning from the military to civilian life. For several months veterans were not receiving their VA benefits and unable to pay their bills during that time. This meant that when they finally began receiving their pay they were unable to purchase a home. From that moment on I have dedicated my time and resources to assist veterans in need, helping 100's of veterans buy and build their homes."

-Jacob Paxton, US. Army Ret.-

Dedicated to Veterans 

Our Dedication to building homes in Texas for Veterans is unmatched.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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